All you need to know about – WordPress 4.9 Tipton

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Explained in detail – WordPress 4.9

WordPress firstly released its beta version in the year of 2003. After that WordPress releases various updates, security & Maintenance releases for better convenience to developer.

Faced any problem with WordPress till now?

The solution for every bug is here. WordPress 4.9 has arrived!

It was released on 16th of November named after Jazz musician Billy Tipton “Tipton”, loaded with all new 188 features by the contributors. About 443 WordPress enthusiasts took part in enhancing this amazing CMS. Among these 443 contributors, 185 (almost 42%) contributors were the one who contributed to the innovative edition for the very first time.

Let’s have a look at the latest features:-

Customizer Workflow Improvements

  • Draft and schedule Site design customizations
  • Design Preview Links
  • Design locking to prevent accidental changes
  • Prompt to save changes after unattended time periods

 Coding Enhancements

  • Syntax highlighting and error checking
  • Sandbox to help avoid errors when working with themes and plugin code
  • Warning when directly editing themes or plugins

Code editing has always created uncertainty in WordPress. This 4.9 update has some long-awaited improvements like syntax highlighting, linting and auto-completion to the code editors with the Codemirror library. These features are available in the theme and plugin editors, custom HTML widget and additional CSS box in the customizer.

Although these features comes with prominent warnings about editing of themes and plugins and protection against saving code that would cause a fatal error.

Widget Updates

  • Add a gallery via widget
  • Add Media button widget

So from now thousands of WordPress sites will no longer need additional code from other plugins and themes for using shortcodes in widgets.

 Site Building Improvements

  • Persistent menu and widget placement when switching themes
  • Find and Preview Themes
  • Better menu instructions

 The new Gutenberg Editor

For the first time ever admin users will get a notice in “about.php” page regarding the invitation to users to help, test or contribute to Gutenberg after updating to the latest WordPress 4.9 update.

If you are new to this let me first introduce you to the Gutenberg:-

Gutenberg project has been getting a lot of attention from past months as every WordPress enthusiasts is looking forward to the WordPress 5.0 update which is going to introduce a new editor to the developer world! Although contributors have worked really hard to make this WordPress 4.9 for improved experienced and giving new opportunities to users with widgets and other features.

 BoldGrid Users

If you use the BoldGrid Plugin for WordPress, then make sure to go to the update section of WordPress and update your plugins in order to use the latest version which has been adapted for WordPress 4.9.

Wrapping up!

This new update was led by Weston Ruter and Mel Choyce!
That’s all folks! Now go and download the latest version from here.

If you have any query regarding the updation you can contact our talented WordPress developers.

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